How We Are Different

With an ever expanding and evolving definition of health, there are many new options for healthcare for patients every year. We set ourselves apart with our personalized care and one of a kind healthcare model.

How We Are Different

Leave Behind the Frustrations
With Simplified Healthcare

For many, it’s been a challenging journey to find a healthcare provider who truly understands their needs and offers the care they deserve. With countless options available, it’s easy to feel lost in the shuffle, wanting a level of devotion and understanding that seems increasingly rare. That’s where we stand out – at our practice, we recognize that each individual’s health journey is unique and deserving of personal attention and dedicated care.

Combination of Concierge Care and Functional Medicine

Personalized Care and Treatment

Complete Access to a Doctor You Can Trust

How We Are Different

Our approach differs significantly from traditional healthcare practices

as we believe in offering more than just medical services; we offer a partnership based on trust, empathy, and a commitment to your well being. Where most healthcare is unnecessarily complex, we’ve simplified our focus: YOU. Your health. Your needs. Your journey. Here’s a glimpse into what makes us truly unique and differentiates us from the rest.

The Limitations of Traditional Medicine

While traditional medicine has done much to advance modern medicine, it’s become increasingly common for patients to experience limitations and constraints. More patients every day are experiencing decreased access to their healthcare providers. They often have long waits only to spend limited time with their doctors. In this short time, they don’t receive the depth of care they need to thoroughly investigate their health concerns. As a result, patients may leave with unanswered questions or become reliant on medications to manage their symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

How We Aim to Improve Your Healthcare Experience

It’s far too common in traditional medical practices for patients, especially those struggling with chronic conditions, to feel rushed and overlooked when they seek healthcare. There are too many limitations and constraints, and we understand how it can feel discouraging.

But here, at our practice, we’re different. Your health is a commitment, one we take together. We focus on developing doctor and patient relationships that are built on trust and empathy. We’re here to listen, to give you the time you deserve, and to provide the dedicated care that makes a genuine difference in your well-being. Especially for those who need help treating chronic conditions, we know how crucial it is to receive respect and personalized attention.

We have built our practice around that understanding, offering a fresh perspective that focuses on your unique needs. Unlike the standard healthcare approach, our priority is your comprehensive care, your comfort, and your trust in our guidance. Welcome to a healthcare journey where you’re not just another patient, but a valued individual on the path to lasting health and vitality.

What you can expect with
Dr. Myra’s Approach

Direct Physician Access

Whether you’re near or far, on vacation, or pressed for time, our practice offers around-the-clock access through in-person visits or telemedicine, whichever works best for you. Even on weekends and holidays, Dr. Myra Reed is available to address your health concerns– a level of availability that sets us apart from traditional medical practices.

More Time With Doctor

To give each patient the dedicated time they deserve, we limit the number of patients we see in the practice. We want to ensure you have plenty of time for us to investigate the source of your health issues, discuss proactive care, and address your questions and concerns. Thorough, dedicated care takes time, which is a valuable resource, that’s why we promise not to waste or rush yours.

Expedited Office Visit Scheduling

Your time and health is our priority. Most people will wait for weeks or more to schedule appointments with their doctor, but at our practice, we put your health and wellness first often with same day or next day appointment availability. Dr. Myra can often talk you through your urgent care needs, potentially saving you an extra visit to the emergency room.

Save Time and Money

Your time and money is too valuable to waste on unnecessary medications and lengthy waiting room visits. With our healthcare approach, our goal is to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary office visits, require fewer specialist appointments, and improve your overall well-being.

Advanced Diagnostics and Disease Prevention

While traditional medicine focuses on reactive care, we believe in a more preventative approach. With advanced cardiovascular, genetic, cancer testing, and more, Dr. Myra Reed will not only treat your current health concerns but also help you maintain your health for a brighter, healthier future.

What You Can Expect With Dr. Myra’s Approach
What You Can Expect With Dr. Myra’s Approach

Our Promise to You

If traditional medicine has failed you in the past, we understand. We’re here to restore your faith in medicine and help you regain control of your health with a new approach that is centered around you. It’s time to put your health first with healthcare that is as unique as you are. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or fill out our form to join our membership. Your journey to better health starts here.