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Dedicated healthcare starts with a dedicated team. We invite you to get to know ours. Meet our team and learn about our passion for providing quality healthcare.

Meet Our Team

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At our practice, every person on our team plays an important role in helping our patients live their healthiest lives.

Together, we provide the compassionate and thorough care our patients may have been missing but deeply needed. Let’s meet the faces behind our practice who are dedicated to your well being and are excited to get to know you on your health journey.

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Dr. Myra Reed

Dr. Myra’s journey into the world of medicine began by watching her parents, who were both compassionate, skilled physicians and the best role models anyone could have. Their dedicated work is what inspired her to pursue a career in health and wellness. Her mother was an accomplished general practitioner who specialized in delivering babies and caring for the community at a time when women were rare in medicine. Her father was a talented surgeon who performed a broad range of surgeries before they were specialized. Living in this caring and passionate environment was the influence that led Dr. Myra to practice medicine with the same warmth and dedication she learned from her remarkable parents.


Kim Smith

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Dee Allred, RN

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Weight Loss Coach

Gail May, LPN

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