What About Hormones?

aging-skincare-hormonesThere are a lot of questions and controversy about hormones. Are they safe? What is the difference between biologically identical and synthetic? Who needs them and why? Will I get cancer or have a heart attack if I take them? Are there benefits to taking them?

These are all concerns of the public.

Luckily, there is good research to explain and help settle these issues. For women, there are health benefits to natural bio-identical hormones and detrimental effects of synthetic hormones like Prempro or Premarin and Provera.

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Dr. Myra Ancelet Reed: What About Hormones?

What is the value of your health?

What is the value of your healthBeyond Healthcare Reform lies personalized medicine.

Better care for patients is a personal goal Dr. Myra Reed has spent a lifetime perfecting. With many years of continued education and a deep compassion for her patients, she is known for spending a lot of time with her patients – a concept which, in essence, contradicts newly-imposed government health care rules.

Dr. Reed explains “We are now required to limit a patient’s treatment to three health problems per visit. If the patient has more than three health problems, the government is forcing us to schedule a new appointment and see the patient on another day. I don’t practice medicine that way. I like to address the whole person and many people have more than three health concerns. Not seeing the patient as a number but taking care of all the patient’s needs is what it’s all about.”

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Dr. Myra Ancelet Reed: “What is the value of your health?”