How We Are Different

A doctor you can trust

Dr. Myra Reed, a doctor you can trustIf you have seen a doctor lately, you have probably noticed that your time was limited—a few minutes of rushed conversation, maybe a quick exam, a prescription, and you were ushered out the door. After a long wait just to see your doctor for a brief visit, lingering questions were unanswered and you may have been uncertain about what you were supposed to do next.

These problems are all too common in today’s healthcare settings and we’ve changed that. Our practice is based on a membership model* for primary care services. As a patient of Dr. Myra Reed, you will experience a very different approach to medical care. One that helps you:

  • Communicate clearly with your doctor. Have clear and visual explanations
    about your diagnosis, why you were given a medication or supplement, and
    specifically how to improve your health.
  • Save money and time as you reduce unnecessary visits to specialists or costly
    trips to the emergency room or urgent care center. Dr. Myra is directly and easily available for
    her patients by telephone, text, and email — even after hours.
  • Take longer, unhurried visits with a doctor who knows you and your family
    personally — not as a number.
  • With telemedicine, you have added convenience such as sending a picture of
    a concerning rash for remote diagnosis or having medications sent to a
    location near you either locally or if traveling when in need.

Dr. Myra makes this unique approach possible by significantly limiting the number of patients she sees to just a few hundred. That may seem like a lot, but compare it to the 3,000 or more in a traditional practice and you’ll quickly see that this change makes personalized care a reality. Having more time to spend with you allows Dr. Myra to treat you with a proactive approach—this means identifying health risks and preventing disease early so you can enjoy better health and overall wellness.

* You do not have to be a member to participate in our medical weight loss program or have access to our cosmetic procedures.

One doctor, total care

One Doctor, Total CareDr. Myra Reed has spent decades perfecting her skills in a variety of medical specialties and has an extensive background in emergency and internal medicine, dermatology, nutrition and weight loss, natural medical approaches like Functional Medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, and much more. Dr. Myra will do everything possible to treat you promptly and professionally right here in our office. On the occasion that you need a specialist, our office can expedite that referral and help coordinate your care.  Our office is dedicated to taking care of your needs.

As a patient, you can see Dr. Myra for:

  • Long-term and sudden illnesses
  • Proactive and preventative health care
  • Lifestyle management for nutrition guidance, weight loss, stress reduction
  • Home sleep studies
  • Intestinal issues and corrections
  • Allergy testing
  • Dermatologic and cosmetic procedures (mole biopsy and cyst removal, stitches, Botox ®, Restylane®, etc.)
  • Basic mental health care (ADD, anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Functional medicine integration to explore the root cause of illness
  • Osteoporosis screenings and more

Exceptional value, peace of mind and convenience

One trip to the emergency room or urgent care center can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Combine the high cost with hours in a crowded lobby, and it’s a less-than-ideal situation. Of course, true emergencies belong in these locations but you shouldn’t have to visit them unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Dr. Myra is personally available to her patients by phone, Skype, text or email. She is ready and able to see you in the office the same day if it’s during business hours, and if it’s after hours, she’s just a phone call away—in some cases, she even makes house calls.

Why wait hours and spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars waiting for the same care you can have in minutes with Dr. Myra? You can experience the difference a committed, thorough, compassionate physician can make in your life. One that you can trust.