Treating the cause, not just your symptoms

Together we will explore the root of your health problems and find new or natural ways to treat them at the source—before they turn into bigger health issues.

Taking time to care. Taking away your anxieties.

Your health matters. Enjoy same-day appointments, unhurried visits and in-depth examinations whenever you need your doctor. I’m ready to listen, then guide your treatment promptly and efficiently based on my extensive experience—day or night.

Preventing or stopping illness in its tracks.

Our advanced personalized testing and integrated medical approach are tailored to you — nutritional and genetic testing, customized supplementation, weight loss program, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and more!

Get to know Dr. Myra Reed

I have structured my practice to strengthen my doctor-patient relationships, the way medicine used to be. By limiting my practice to a small number of patients, I’m now able to spend much more time with each of my patients, to better understand their needs, and to be there for them when they need their personal doctor –  providing them peace of mind. Bottom line –  focus on my patient, not the System!

With a focus on prevention and wellness I can treat my patients more naturally and proactively, reduce the need for medications, and get to the root of their health issues while even reversing chronic diseases.

Voted “Best of Bay” 9 times in the People’s Choice Awards of The News Herald and Panama City Living Magazine, Voted “2016 Top Doctor in Concierge Medicine”

What My Patients Say About Me

“I have been so pleased with my experience under the care of
 Dr. Myra Reed. I can honestly say that her involvement
in my healthcare actually saved my life.”

Don DanielsPanama City Beach, FL

“When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, neither of us knew what option we should choose, but Dr. Reed did. We are not alone and we know she is there for us.”

Lois WilsonPanama City Beach, FL

Having a personal physician not only saved me from unpaid time off of work and long periods of time worrying, but having a personal physician SAVED MY LIFE! I can’t thank her enough.”

AngelaDeer Point Lake, Panama City, FL

“Dr. Reed was instrumental in finding a cancer that I had. Because she has more time to spend with each patient, she was able to identify my cancer and get treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Reed for people who want to look and feel their best with minimum frustration in the process.”

Larry Presley

Astragalus (Astragalus spp.) / Viracid

The amazing and powerful immune boosting herb, Astragalus root has been used for centuries to strengthen the blood and spleen and over time, help maintain the strength of the immune system, building resistance to illness and disease. While clinical research on Astragalus is in the early stages, researchers are currently examining how it may help […]

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