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Health and wellness doesn’t end once you leave the doctor’s office. We want to empower our patients to take their health into their own hands by learning more about how functional medicine works, how their body works, and how their daily lifestyle choices make a difference. We’ve assembled some convenient online educational resources to support you as you continue to learn, so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Patient Resources

Functional Medicine Blog

Are you exploring unanswered questions or want more tips for improving your health? Dr. Myra covers it all and more with her educational blogs that are centered around empowering you and improving your health.

Patient Reviews

Don’t just hear it from us; hear it from our previous patients. Learn more about what Dr. Myra’s patients have to say about her dedication, expertise, and level of care.


Improve your health and wellness, one video at a time. Learn directly from Dr. Myra as she educates you on everything you need to know about functional medicine and more.

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From supplements to skincare from brands like Skin Better Science, ZO Skin Health, Metagenics, and XYMOGEN, we offer a wide range of products that will help you improve your health and wellness from the inside out.