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Proactive Care & Advanced Approaches

Our advanced personalized testing and integrated medicine approach are tailored to you. With one doctor, total care is available including primary care and emergency medicine, medical weight loss, wellness including hormone pellets, and aesthetics.

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Functional & Integrative Concierge Medicine

Patient of Dr Myra Reed's is happy over her weight.

Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss That Actually Works!

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Bioidential Hormone Pellets, IV Therapy

Patient of Dr Myra Reed after aesthetic procedure.


Botox, Fillers, Skin Tightening, Female Rejuvenation

Exceptional Value, Peace of Mind & Convenience

One trip to the emergency room or urgent care center can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Combine the high cost with hours in a crowded lobby, and it’s a less-than-ideal situation. Of course, true emergencies belong in these locations but you shouldn’t have to visit them unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Dr. Myra is personally available to her patients by phone, video, text or email. She is ready and able to see you in the office the same day if it’s during business hours, and if it’s after hours, she’s just a phone call away—in some cases, she even makes house calls.

Why wait hours and spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars waiting for the same care you can have in minutes with Dr. Myra? You can experience the difference a committed, thorough, compassionate physician can make in your life. One that you can trust.

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