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Medical Weight Loss

Reach your weight loss goals effectively and safely. Our medically–supervised Positive Changes Weight Loss program combines expert guidance with a personalized approach, allowing you to reach your weight goal while creating long–term health and well–being.

Medical Weight Loss
Explore Our Positive Weight Loss Program

Explore Our Positive Changes Weight Loss Program

In a world filled with weight loss myths and magic bullets, trying to safely and effectively lose weight can be an unnecessarily complicated journey. We designed our medical weight loss program to take the frustration out of weight loss. Guided by Dr. Myra Reed and our health coach, we go beyond empty promises and instead offer realistic solutions tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. With a medical approach informed by your medical history and body composition analysis, we will help you achieve your goal weight while helping you establish healthy habits for better, long–term health.
This special delivery method ensures a steady, consistent hormone level, which can positively influence your sleep, libido, energy, and overall well–being. With minimal risk of side effects and an affordable cost, bioidentical hormone pellets have become our preferred choice to help you regain hormonal balance and enhance your overall health and vitality.

Weight Loss Misconceptions

In the pursuit of weight loss, where there are countless tips, tricks, diets, and fads, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the right approach. But weight loss isn’t one-size-fits-all, though many others will try to convince you that it is. But with our medically-guided weight loss plan, you don’t have to navigate your journey alone. Our Positive Changes Weight Loss program is designed to provide you with a clear path toward better health.

We work closely with you to educate you on better food choices, meal prep, stress and sleep regulation, and more so you can take control of your nutrition and determine what’s best for you and your long-term health. Say goodbye to the frustration of trial and error – we’re here to guide you through every step, equipping you with the knowledge to understand your body’s needs and the tools to make positive, sustainable changes.

Who Can Join Our Program

Our program is designed for anyone, members and non–members alike, who wants to make a genuine transformation in their health and well–being. Whether you’ve been disappointed by various diets and exercise routines or are simply looking for guidance to improve your health, our approach can help you achieve your specific goals. Our focus isn’t solely on aesthetics; it’s about improving your overall health so you feel your best inside and out. We welcome anyone to join. No matter if you are a man or woman, and regardless of the amount of weight you wish to lose, our program helps you along the path toward the healthiest, happiest version of you.
Who Can Join Our Program?

What to Expect from Our Weight Loss Program

When you sign up for our weight loss program, you can expect collaborative care. It’s not just telling you what to do, it’s a journey we take together to learn more about your body and what works best for it. Holding our patients accountable for their diet choices and exercise regimen encourages them to build healthy habits that will help them lose weight and keep it off. Our goal isn’t just to help you reach your weight goal, but to empower you with knowledge, enabling you to make informed choices and achieve genuine, long–lasting changes. Take a look at our approaches to learn how we help you through our weight loss program.

Natural Solutions

In contrast to fad diets and empty promises, our weight loss strategy embraces natural solutions and a realistic outlook. While we offer weight loss injections and medications to get you started on your journey, we supplement these solutions with sustainable, evidence-based methods that address the underlying factors contributing to weight gain. Our priority is helping you achieve balance through nourishing and wholesome foods, engaging exercises, and stress reduction, for a holistic, comprehensive approach to weight loss and wellness.

Healthy, Wholesome Food

While many weight loss programs focus on restriction, we believe it’s an ineffective motivation for losing weight. Many diets may focus on the foods you have to take out of your diet, but we’d rather celebrate the new healthy, wholesome foods you can add in! Beyond weight loss, our approach introduces you to new foods while educating you on how food provides energy and nutrients for your body. Our goal is for you to enjoy your journey, and create nourishing, healthy relationships with the food that fuels you.

Real Results

With our medical weight loss program, we offer the education and guidance you need to lose the weight and keep it off. We believe weight loss can be reinvigorating. By the time you end our program, we hope you leave with confidence in your ability to make decisions that don’t just make you healthier, but happier. Our program isn’t just about helping you achieve your goal weight, it’s about enhancing your life by adding positive habits and empowering you to start a new beginning.

Lose Fat and Retain Muscle

Weight loss isn’t just about numbers on a scale; it’s about increasing your strength and discovering your body’s potential. Our program focuses not only on shedding fat but also on retaining muscle mass for sustainable and effective weight loss. As your body transforms, you’ll not only witness physical changes but also experience newfound confidence and a sense of accomplishment that extends beyond the surface.

How Our Program Works

Each person’s weight loss journey is unique. To find the solution that is compatible with you, we work with you to design your program. You’re the person who knows you best – your goals, struggles, likes, and dislikes – and we want to learn from the source. To begin, we’ll give you an in-depth questionnaire so we can understand your lifestyle, food preferences, fitness level, daily supplements, and more.

Once we have an understanding of your goals, we will discuss your full medical history and a body composition analysis to get a complete picture of your metabolic health and learn any underlying factors that can affect your weight loss. After we have the information we need, together we’ll establish a personalized program that will set you up for a successful weight loss journey.

Metabolic Detox

Over time, toxins can build up in your body and prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals. That’s why the first step of our weight loss program is to clear your system and give it a fresh start. Our detox program enhances your body’s natural detoxification process while supplying essential nutrients. We’ll help you understand how toxins enter your body through various sources, such as food and the environment. When you start our program, we’ll have you take a personalized questionnaire to determine your toxicity levels, then provide you with lifestyle recommendations to reduce your toxic load and support your long-term wellness.


Our program emphasizes healthy eating, stress reduction, and sustainable lifestyle changes, but we understand that in some situations, a patient may need additional support to get them started, especially if the patient has issues with their metabolism or insulin resistance. If we determine that you need some assistance in your weight loss journey, Dr. Myra Reed may prescribe you appetite suppressants or weight loss injections. The injections you may receive include Vitamin B12, MIC, Semaglutide, or Tirzepatide to help you metabolize fat. We also offer oral medications if the injections are incompatible with your health needs. These medications can give you a jumpstart on your weight loss journey, so you can begin building long-term healthy habits without any unnecessary struggles or frustrations holding you back.

Helping You Towards a Positive Change

Our program is a partnership – a collaborative effort between you and our dedicated team. In our weight loss program, we are invested in your journey. We celebrate every achievement together, acknowledge every step forward, work through every challenge side by side, and support you throughout your transformation. From where you begin to where you end, we help you towards positive progress and changes. When you leave our program, it’s a new beginning for you. One filled with new foods to experience, more enjoyable ways to move your body, boosted confidence, and renewed energy for a life with a brighter, happier perspective.

A Healthcare Practice That Puts Your First

In the realm of healthcare, our practice stands out as a leader in personalized, dedicated, and thorough care. Dr. Myra’s commitment to understanding patients on a deeper level goes far beyond the confines of traditional medicine. This approach is seamlessly extended to our weight loss program, where we offer more than just a typical diet plan. By identifying underlying factors and crafting tailored solutions, our program is a testament to our philosophy that true well–being involves more than just the numbers on a scale. We’re here to help you towards lasting change and empower you to embrace a holistic journey towards better health.

Take Your First Step

Your health is in your hands, and we’re here to help you make the changes that you are capable of. Take the first step towards your new beginning. Contact us to schedule your consultation and start your weight loss journey today.