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We offer a full line of ZO Skin Health medical-grade skincare products as well as Metagenics supplements, the leader in functional nutrition.

Please use the codes below when ordering products from Metagenics, ProThera/Klaire Labs, Thorne, Xymogen, and Fullscripts directly from the manufacturer.

Metagenics Genetic Potential Through Nutrition logo


To place an order through Metagenicsvisit the website or call 1-800-692-9400, ext. 2 and use code Mreed.

Klaire Labs A ProThera, Inc. brand logo

Klaire Labs / ProThera

To place an order through Prothera/Klaire Labsvisit the website or call 1-888-488-2488, ext. 2 and use code W-11.

Thorne logo


To place an order through Thorne Researchvisit the website or call 1-800-228-1966 and use code HCP1102153.

Xymogen logo


To place an order through Xymogenvisit the website or call our office to get our code.

Fullscript logo


To place an order through Fullscriptvisit the website.

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