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Myra Ancelet Reed, MD

Dr. Myra

Growing up with parents that were the best role models you could have, inspired me to become a physician. They were both compassionate, talented physicians. My mom delivered many of the babies at a time when women were rare in medicine. My father was the talented, happy general surgeon that could operate on any part of the body. Living in this caring environment was the influence that has carried me through to pursue the type of practice that I strive to implement today.


I have given great consideration to what my patients’ experience with healthcare is usually like and I want to change the rushed, impersonal nature of medicine.  That’s why I have structured my practice so that we can return to the more personal care I remember from my childhood – with a focus on prevention and total wellbeing. With all the changes in healthcare of increased insurance restrictions and reporting, long waits with short visits, poor health outcomes, and an emphasis on acute care while patients are becoming more unhealthy, I decided to make a change. I wanted to be able to be proactive and focus on prevention while reversing chronic diseases. Bottom line –  focus on my patient, not the System and share my passion for medicine that focuses on improving my patients’ health and keeping them well!


I am committed to providing you with peace of mind and support whenever you need it —I’m available by phone, email, text, skype – or if needed in person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for my patients. And when you’re here in the office, you’ll get my full attention and unrushed appointments without the lengthy office wait.


As a patient, we will address all your issues so you can feel confident that the most advanced, up-to-date medical care is available to you. Together we can find ways to help you live your healthiest life. I’ll draw on my extensive medical experience to treat you and your family right here, without unnecessary referrals to specialists. But if that occasional referral is needed, we will expedite that care to the most qualified doctor or center, giving you peace of mind and taking away your anxieties.


You only get one life, and I feel honored to be a part of making it the best one possible.

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