I have been so pleased with my experience under the care of Dr. Myra Reed. I can honestly say that her involvement in my healthcare actually saved my life. The advanced cardiac bloodwork she draws in her office revealed a cardiac issue I would otherwise not have known about. She stayed on top of what was going on by speaking with my specialists on a regular basis and keeping me updated as well. She even came to the hospital to check in on me! It is such a wonderful thing to easily get in touch with my doctor. She has been there every step of the way and I am enjoying better health as a result.

Dan Daniels
Dan Daniels

I couldn’t be happier! In all my life, I have never known a physician that was so involved, interested, and sincerely cares about. If we could have custom ordered a doctor, we couldn’t have ordered one as good as this. No one could ever compare!

Pam Finster
Pam Finster

I wanted to be the first to submit a testimonial because I have experienced personalized medicine first hand, and it actually saved my life. Three months into a new job, I discovered a lump in my breast. Due to the nature of that job I didn’t have an opportunity to have any time off to have doctor’s appointments. I did however, have the blessing of having a personal doctor. My personal doctor received a phone call from me and immediately went into action. That day I was given an order for a mammogram and ultrasound if needed. After my ultrasound, my personal physician immediately ordered the biopsy that was needed and the results were given to me in real time, two days later. My extensive plan of care was determined and I was on the fast track to beat stage II breast cancer. One year later, I started having strange symptoms. I texted my personal physician, who saw me after my work hours. Upon physical examination, she made an after hour phone call to a specialist on his cell phone, and I was treated the very next day. That one day event was a side step for me from metastatic breast cancer. Having a personal physician not only saved me from unpaid time off of work and long periods of time worrying, but having a personal physician SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you, Dr. Reed!

Angela Martin
Angela MartinMembership Coordinator

I’m pretty selective about my doctors. If I don’t feel that they are genuinely interested in my well being, and if they do not respect my time by being on schedule, I go elsewhere. I have been a patient of Dr Reeds for eight years and always was very pleased, but her new concierge practice elevates the doctor-patient experience to an entirely new level.

David Landreth
David Landreth

I was asked how I liked Dr. Myra Reed’s Invited, Private, Preventative, Internal Medicine-Health Care Services. The older one gets, the more one will require along these lines. I have truly respected the direct attention and suggestive approach model, to explore all facets of your Health/Condition, as it exists today. Its kind of like if your car is due for an “oil change” or the air in your tires /pressure may be low, and so many other occurrences— A sensible person, would seek a knowledgeable, experienced, proper course of action to resolve such. I have identified Dr. Myra Reed as my personal Health Care “Provider” since my relocating to Fl 9 yrs ago- now a “Special” care member, to her Practice. I appreciate having Dr. Myra Ancelet Reed, provide to me, a Professional/Respectful/Knowledgeable , full body “Pit Stop” approach, to help finish the race.

George Covellis
George Covellis

I am so pleased with Dr. Myra Reed’s Concierge practice. She is available anytime I need her. When I call, they always get me right in. The staff is friendly and the personalized care means a lot to me. She keeps me healthy!

Nancy Hudson

I am in better health since I started coming to Dr. Myra Reed! Personalized medical care is the way to go!

Stephen Hudson

Dr. Reed has been a great blessing to me and our family. Last September she was instrumental in finding a cancer that I had. Even though my lab numbers were still “within normal range”, she didn’t like the way they were trending. She referred me to a specialist that eventually identified the cancer. Since it was caught at an early stage, it was operable. I had the surgery and now I am cancer free. Because Dr. Reed has more time to spend with each patient, she was able to identify my cancer and get treatment. She really has a caring spirit and is able to apply that through her concierge practice. I highly recommend Dr. Reed for people who want to look and feel their best with minimum frustration in the process. Her concierge practice allows her to practice medicine like it used to be.

Larry Presley

My husband and I signed up for Dr. Myra Reed’s Personalized Concierge Practice mostly for his continued care, and my sanity. He has a chronic medical condition that is being managed carefully, but I really needed someone to help guide me through the process as his health fluctuates. Dr. Reed is always available to answer my questions and it has given me such peace of mind. The investment we made in our health is priceless.


I am fortunate to have had three wonderful women in my life. My mother, my wife, Sharon and Dr. Myra Reed: whose professionalism, dedication, motivation and courage to go that extra yard to take care of her patients is unsurpassed.

Peter Golden

When my wife and I first signed up for Dr. Reed’s Concierge medical program, we were not sure if it would be a benefit to us. However, we have been so pleasantly surpised at what a good value this decision has turned out to be! Within the first few months we saved so much money by having access to our doctor. It was so convenient to be able to call my doctor instead of rushing to an urgent care facility. The extra care we have received has been amazing. We have never been healthier!

Peter and Sharon Golden

What I love most about this concierge medical practice is Dr. Reed’s availability to me. Anytime I have needed her, I have been able to get in contact with her. I also really appreciate the attention I receive from the office staff. They are all so friendly and detail oriented. I have been extremely impressed with the advanced testing and proactive approach to my health.


My health is important and I want to stay healthy and stay on top of my health. I know that this medical Concierge service is the best way to do that. I really love the set up. It makes me feel much calmer about coming to the doctor. I never liked sitting in a waiting room for long periods of time next to people who were sick. At Dr. Reed’s office, I am welcomed into a comfortable, home like atmosphere. Without much wait, I am taken to a room and seen by my doctor. I love it! I figured if I can afford to go to Biloxi, I can certainly afford to take care of my health. This has been the best investment!


My husband has always been so much a part of my very heart and soul. As I become older it seems my heart just wants to wrap itself around him to make sure he is happy, safe and has no sickness. Well, this wrapping of the heart doesn’t protect from sickness. When my husband became sick (prostate cancer) neither of us knew just which option we should take of the 3 options we were given. We just didn’t know what to do but we knew we had to do something. Well our family doctor, Dr. Myra Reed. did indeed know what to do. She talked with us, referred us to a specialist and made sure all the pre testings were done and sent to the appropriate people and places. We had joined Dr. Reed’s Concierge Medical services back in April. We feel blessed to be able to test her, email her or call her any time 24/7, and yes, get a rapid response from her. What a sense of security this is. We are not alone and know she is there for us. She and her staff, we love and respect with all our being. Thank you Dr. Reed for getting my husband to the appropriate people. He is doing great after his surgery. We owe you many, many hugs.

Lois Wilson

Dr. Reed has certainly come through with her promises! I called on July 3 and was seen by my doctor shortly after my phone call. What’s more, when I traveling the following week, I was able to reach Dr. Reed by phone and receive treatment even though I was several states away. So glad I joined!

Larry Mixon

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